Transparency International Greenland works actively to prevent and promote awareness of the harmful effects that corruption can have in a society like Greenland.

“Corruption is the abuse of entrusted power for private gain. It hurts everyone whose life, livelihood or happiness depends on the integrity of people in a position of authority. “

Corruption can thus take many forms. Bribery and palm greasing are for example very direct forms of corruption. But political donations, charitable donations, sponsorships, conflicts of interest, gifts and entertainment can take place in a grey area in which there may at times be doubt as to whether or not corruption is present. Corruption may therefore be present in these situations to varying degrees, but common to them all is that they create inequality in society, because some people, either through their contacts or by the use of money, obtain possibilities that are not open to all the citizens of a society. Consequently, corruption also concerns you!

Why is Transparency International Greenland necessary?

Greenland is facing significant changes in the composition of its economy, and is moving rapidly in the direction of becoming a commodities economy. Studies conducted by Transparency International in other parts of the world suggest that oil exploration and mining are among the areas of economic activity which carry the greatest risk of corruption. It is therefore important that the Greenlandic society is prepared to cope with the new economic players, and the risks this may entail.

Fundamentally, it is a question of ensuring that economic growth benefits everyone in society. According to the UN, corruption is one of the greatest obstacles to economic growth in general, because agreements made under the table, and other forms of corruption, cripple the market forces that normally govern business life and ensure fair competition between companies. An effective way to prevent corruption having this effect on the market in Greenland is to ensure transparency in society by providing information about corruption. This is the aim of Transparency Greenland.