TI Globally

Transparency International is an international organisation that works to combat corruption, mainly through education and information. Since its inception in 1993, the organisation has established itself as one of the leading forces in the fight against corruption. Transparency International has two major spheres of action:

  • Information: For many years, corruption was regarded in many parts of the world as a natural part of the way that society functions – and in several countries, this is still the case. Transparency International therefore works independently to raise awareness about corruption as a problem, and to place the issue on the agenda.
  • Umbrella organisation: Transparency International also acts as the central organisation for more than 90 locally-established national chapters. Like Transparency International Greenland, the national chapters work independently to combat, prevent and raise awareness of corruption.

As part of its efforts in these areas, Transparency International regularly creates new tools to measure and thereby highlight corruption. These include CPI (Corruption Perceptions Index), BPI (Bribe Payers Index) and GCB (Global Corruption Barometer).

For further information: Transparency International

Endorsed af AMM 2020: TI Strategy2030_HOLDING POWER TO ACCOUNT (pdf)