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As a member of Transparency International Greenland, you will be supporting the struggle to prevent corruption taking root in the Greenlandic society.

National legislation is designed to ensure that all citizens in a society have the same rights. Corruption implies that in one way or another, some individuals, organisations and businesses are able to circumvent the law and obtain opportunities that are not available to other citizens. This creates inequality and denies to people with few resources and limited networks the opportunities that others can buy. It is therefore important and relevant for you as an individual to support Transparency International Greenland and to join as a supporting member, and thereby help to ensure that all members of society have the same opportunities, regardless of who they know and what resources they have.

As a company, you also have an interest in fighting corruption. Corruption distorts competition, as competition in a society plagued by corruption no longer works under market conditions, i.e. it is no longer the companies with the lowest prices and best quality that obtain the orders, but rather those with the best contacts and the resources to bribe the appropriate bodies.

In addition, with the growing interest in Greenland’s commodities industries, large international companies are moving into the market in Greenland. These companies often demand that their Greenlandic subcontractors have a stated transparency policy. It is therefore also relevant for individual Greenlandic companies to concern themselves with the transparency of their own working procedures. This is an area in which Transparency International Greenland can be of assistance; Transparency International Greenland is therefore also relevant to you as a company.

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Benefits for members

Besides representing an important cause, Transparency International  Greenland can also offer its members other possibilities:


Membership allows you to participate in the Association’s network of members specializing in the fight against corruption. The Association is not a consultancy, but we are happy to advise and share experiences with our members.


Each year, the Association hosts a series of seminars and lectures for its members. You can see upcoming events here.


Members of Transparency Greenland are sent the Association newsletter.

Lectures for organisations:

Member organisations also have the opportunity to obtain a lecture on the Association’s principles and work.

Who can become a member

Any person, company or organisation that supports the Association’s overall goals and principles is welcome to join as a supporting member. We can offer two kinds of membership:

Individual membership

Membership for individual persons. Discounts are available to students, pensioners and people receiving public assistance.

Group membership

Group membership is available to all types of organisations except political parties – i.e. companies, public sector institutions and voluntary organisations.


The Association welcomes donations from named individuals or organisations.
It is possible for members to donate to the Association. Membership fees and donations from a single donor (individual or organisation) must not however exceed a total of DKK 100,000 annually.

How to become a member

You can join the Association by contacting [email protected]

Membership fees:

Ordinary (individual) membership: DKK 300 per year
Students, pensioners and persons receiving public assistance: DKK 100 per year
NGO´s: DKK 1,000 per year
Group membership: DKK 5,000 or 10,000 per year depending on size of the organisation.
Membership for voluntary organisations: DKK 1,000 per year

The Association welcomes member payments in excess of these minimum amounts, though up to a maximum of DKK 100,000 per member per year, including any donations.

You can read Transparency Greenland’s membership policy here.