What is Transparency International Greenland?


Transparency International Greenland is an organisation working to prevent corruption in Greenland, in co-operation with the international organisation Transparency International. Transparency International Greenland was in 2015 accrediated as a National Chapter under Transparency International. Greenland NC Accr Agrmt signed 2015 

Signed_Accreditation Agreement_Greenland 2019

2022 Letter of Confirmation of Accreditation

The organisation fights corruption by working to ensure that the decisions taken by the public administration and companies in the business world are transparent to individual organisations, companies and citizens, and by providing information on corruption and its damaging effects on Greenlandic society.

More specifically, this means that the association works to:

  • Secure a strong knowledge of corruption and relevant grey areas in Greenland businesses, media, civil society and administration.
  • Advocate and lobby for appropriate legal frameworks, legislation and control mechanisms to ensure transparency and accountability.
  • Ensure that Transparency Greenland is a strong and well-established watchdog before the major investments in oil, gas and minerals get into their stride.

The last point, in particular, is one of the reasons why Transparency International Greenland is being founded right now. Greenland is facing a significant change in the composition of its economy, in which the commodities industry will come to play a greater and greater role. Studies from other countries have shown that public works, oil extraction and mining operations can be among the industries at most risk of corruption. To prevent this occurring in Greenland, now is the time to ensure that public decisions taken in this area are transparent to the companies that will participate in these industries, but also to the people whose lives and livelihoods will be affected by them.

Arcticles of Assosiation. April 2019