Transparency International Greenland has been jointly founded by:

Anders Meilvang, Partner in INU:NUNA, lawyer
Anne Mette Christiansen, consultant for CSR Greenland and CSR expert
Anita Hoffer, legal consultant for the Employers’ Association of Greenland
Birgitte Hertling, head teacher at the Greenlandic secondary school GU-Nuuk
Ellen Løj Arnskjold, consultant for the Employers’ Association of Greenland
Henrik Leth, director of the Employers’ Association of Greenland
Henrik Sørensen, chairman of the Employers’ Association of Greenland and managing director of IF insurance
Ivalo Egede, director of KNR, the Greenlandic Broadcasting Corporation
Jan Mørch Petersen, special advisor on EU matters for the National Tourist Board and Business Council of Greenland
Jens Paulsen, senior partner in the legal firm Paulsen & Keldsen
Jesper Kreiner, director of KompetenceKompagniet
Julian Pars, director of Katuaq, the Greenlandic cultural centre
Kent Petersen, director of the Financial Services Union
Knud Østergaard, senior partner with Grønlands Revisionskontor A/S
Mariia Simonsen, teacher, Greenland School of Journalism
Martin Kviesgaard, managing director of the Bank of Greenland
Michael Binzer, managing director of Air Greenland
Per Jansen, senior partner with Deloitte
Peter Schriver, senior partner with NUNA Advokater
Poul Krarup, editor of Sermitsiaq (Greenland’s biggest newspaper)
Stine Johansen, municipal director with Kommuneqarfik Sermersoq
Thomas Trier Hansen, judge in the Greenlandic court, now lawyer with the Nordic Law Group
Tine Pars, rector of Ilisimatusarfik, the University of Greenland